One year on the App Store with beer

Cuterdio is now one year old. I am so proud how much user have downloaded this side project of mine. Since start I tried to make Cuterdio free to all. Every user can spend a tip 🍺
After a good half year I saw that the in app purchases don’t cover the invests:

  • Server
  • Domain
  • Apple developer license
  • Icon design

Then I decided to make a chargeable feature, the ThemeEditor where you can change color, image and font size of the app. Now after one year all costs are covered…
The working hours not included… It’s OK for a side project. But after all this work I can not buy a single beer and the motivation is at the ground.

So I added an in app purchase for displaying the cover with a banner which can be unlocked. This banner only appears after every fifth song. I had a little fear that users don’t like the way this is going… But Cuterdio has great users. Some Feedback:

It’s totally OK for me to buy

Thanks for honesty about the costs covering

You have done so much work in the app. I was confused that its free

Two positive side effect which I don’t understand:

  1. After releasing the update with the Buy-In, I got a lots of tips via beer in app purchase 💖
  2. The active user count raises 10% 🤨

After one year I know that I know nothing about the app store and my great users 🙃
I am so happy about how it’s going. My motivation is back to bring some new Features (time based playing) and UI improvements on the mac (Catalyst).
Thanks to all who supported my little unicorn 🦄

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