iCloud Key-Value storage

I love to store my settings via Xamarin.Essentials. But for some settings I would like to share these, via a cloud. I don’t want to setup a cloud where I have to store the user data (privacy). So I decided to use iCloud.

Microsoft have a documentation how to do this. For me the Key-Value storage is enough. There is a 64kbit limit for all settings together, but thats OK in my case. In my tests I could store the radio stations, which have the user selected via json (over 50 stations).

In this post I want to share the pitfalls and how it is working like in this example video. In my tests the sync is about 1-5 seconds. The video is speed x2:


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It’s quite simple to add TouchBar UI to your macOS app in Xamarin.Forms.
In this example we add three controls:

  • Image: App icon
  • Image: Cover
  • TextField: Artist – Track – Album

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One year on the App Store with beer

Cuterdio is now one year old. I am so proud how much user have downloaded this side project of mine. Since start I tried to make Cuterdio free to all. Every user can spend a tip 🍺
After a good half year I saw that the in app purchases don’t cover the invests:

  • Server
  • Domain
  • Apple developer license
  • Icon design

Then I decided to make a chargeable feature, the ThemeEditor where you can change color, image and font size of the app. Now after one year all costs are