I wrote a small helper for releasing on GitHub with fancy changelog 🎩
All the source code and documentation you can find in the repo here.

Here the description of the repo:

Simple way to automatically create GitHub releases with changelog and attachments out of issues & milestones.

Creates a release with the version of a DLL or EXE file, e.g. The last version part is the build number.

GitHubReleaser searches for a milestone without the build number e.g. 1.2.3. All issues in the milestone would be printed in the release changelog. You can also define which label should be in or filter some single issues out.

You can also attach files to the release e.g. ZIP-File with your binaries.
If the release is a pre-release, all closed issues of the milestone are collected since last release (date). If the release is NOT a pre-release, all issues of the milestone are collected (summary).

You can also update a release (changelog & attachments).